In various stages of your career, disability insurance could cost more or less. Preserving and protecting income starts with locking in the best rates price possible for you and your family. Save yourself the guesswork and know exactly how what top plans in the industry do to slash expenses and support the life you deserve during an emergency.  In this episode, you’ll discover learn about one of the best individual disability insurance companies, Ameritas, and how if their plans support your lifestyle for the long haul. or leave you waiting for your next paycheck.  Highlights from this episode include:

How physicians end up losing thousands of dollars each year and what coverage supports your life of unlimited income instantly. (2:50)

The real reason disability checks take months to receive and how to get paid overnight instead (even if you’re still working). (4:30)

What your next hiking trip or workout routine says about disability rates - and how Ameritas can make you money off the clock instantly. (6:38)

Premium discounts worth the risk and how they can stockpile your savings instantly. (9:27)

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