Employers of residents or fellow physicians often provide Long Term Disability coverage. But does that coverage mean you can’t get your own LTD insurance?

The good news: An employer plan does not stop you from getting additional, private insurance.

But not all insurance plans are created equal. If you want the most comprehensive long-term disability coverage, you have to be aware of a few catches.

If you ignore these, you might find yourself with too little coverage in an emergency.

Listen now to discover how your employer’s insurance plan impacts your personal LTD decisions!

Show Highlights Include:

Does your employer’s policy keep you from maxing out your own private LTD insurance policy? (0:54)

How much private insurance can you purchase? It depends on your medical specialty (1:44)

Why having your own and your employer’s policies can keep you from getting the full benefit out of each (2:20)

How combining your employer’s group policy and your own private insurance can raise or lower your taxes (2:45)

How your insurance plan is calculated differently as a trainee vs. an attending physician (and how much coverage you can purchase as a trainee) (3:06)

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