When you advance from a resident or fellow physician to an attending physician, your income grows. And with more income, you can increase your disability insurance.

But how much disability insurance should you have? Are your benefits going to be taxed? And why doesn’t your policy cover 100% of your salary?

You might not be asking yourself these questions today. But answering them means you get to keep your lifestyle if you become disabled.

Don’t let confusion stop you from getting the disability insurance you need.

Listen to discover how to maximize your disability coverage!

Show Highlights Include:

Why an early medical screening gets you the optimal private disability policy. (1:07)

How big insurance companies calculate your maximum disability coverage (and how that lets you get the best possible policy). (2:08)

Why private disability insurance only covers about 55% of your salary. (3:14)

How to ensure any disability payouts are tax-free, spendable cash that maximize your quality of life. (4:48)

How your state’s tax rate affects your insurance coverage. (5:41)

Pay increase? Here’s how that new salary affects your disability policy. (6:49)

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