When you feel unsure about picking a policy, a broker agent can influence your decision. Trust is important. You should have an agent who is always looking for your best interest in a policy.

You want to have confidence an agent is on your side and always advocating at your time of claim. A policy should feel in your control (and not the other way around).

Make sure you’re on the right page with your broker agent. Trust is key to your perfect policy.

Listen now to find out if you can trust what your agent has to say (and the ultimate decision you make).

Show highlights include:

How to tell if you can trust what a broker agent tells you (and the policies they present). (0:39)

Transforming a bland, unsupportive policy into your biggest advocate for claims and incentives. (1:37)

How to pick the perfect policy for you (without getting distracted by big names and contracts). (3:05)

How to tell if you are being given a part of a disability policy or the whole thing. (4:40)

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