To get disability insurance, your provider needs to review your medical history. That history is your medical underwriting. It determines your insurance rates. And once that insurance cost is set, it only covers your income at the time of that review.

What happens when you make more money? With a Benefit Update Rider, you have the option to increase your coverage to match your income.

These Benefit Update Riders have limits that you must know if you want to maximize your coverage.

Don't get stuck with an outdated policy. Discover how a Benefit Update Rider gets you the most out of your disability insurance.

Listen now to find out how to keep your insurance costs low and coverage high.

Show Highlights Include:

Why you want to buy a Benefit Update Rider early in your career (1:11)

The "gotcha" clause that can cancel your Benefit Update Rider (and what you need to do to keep it) (2:58)

How to avoid a review of your medical underwriting to keep your insurance costs low (4:15)

Why your insurance provider sees you as a statistic -- and how to use this to your advantage (6:20) The three exceptions to your Benefit Update Rider that allow you to upgrade your insurance coverage early (7:17)

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