Ameritas, one of the largest disability insurance companies, has two fixed premium choices. And while one is more expensive than the other, it doesn’t make it the best rate. Or even the one you should choose.

There are many reasons to pick a policy. But you shouldn’t depend on price alone (especially when those prices can change).

Knowing the nature of a policy helps you make the best choice. So that you can focus on work (without the worry of increasing policy rates).

Listen now to find which coverage keeps you secure (and which restricts you by rates).

Show highlights include:

How to pick a premium option that compliments your career (instead of depending on the price). (1:10)

How to keep your rates from the ‘Red Tape Nightmare’ and avoid paying more out of pocket. (2:32)

Why policy holders won’t raise their rates overnight. (4:27)

How to find the ‘Sweet Spot’ in your coverage and avoid overpaying for life. (5:58)

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