When it comes to getting reimbursed for any injuries, there are 4 top tier companies that offer a non disabling injury benefit in your contract. But knowing how this benefit impacts you makes all the difference in your next injury.

You don’t want to fall in debt or lose your job over a sprained ankle. Risks are everywhere and protecting yourself is the key to a long and successful career.

Listen now to improve your finances and peace of mind through this top tier injury benefit.

Show highlights include:

How to get reimbursed for any injury (no matter how it impacts your career). (1:17)

Why Ameritas covers up to 50% of your injuries (regardless of health insurance). (3:24)

How to make the most money from your contract using the Sprained Ankle story. (3:44)

How to protect an active lifestyle and preserve your way of living (without the fear of injury). (4:20)

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