Your disability insurance policy may include a Future Insurability Option. With an FIO, you can increase your coverage without an updated medical review.

This allows you to increase coverage throughout your career.

But what if you don't take this option, or you let it lapse? When you find yourself in need of more insurance, it can be costly — or outright denied.

Don't leave your future disability insurance up to chance.

Listen now to discover how to keep your future insurance options flexible.

Why getting an inexpensive FIO early in your career can save you thousands of dollars (1:00)

How to get the most from your FIO before you reach your insurance company's age limit (1:50)

Why getting an early medical screening may limit your Future Insurability Options (and what to do when that happens) (2:33)

Red flags that an insurance provider might not honor your original FIO (4:09)

Why getting an FIO is most important when you're on a tight budget (5:55)

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