Top insurance companies are quick to roll out the red carpet for physicians-in-training. They offer large discounts and quick medical scanning.

It’s a great deal if you can afford it. But it’s not as easy putting your life on hold and going into debt for a career. It’s difficult getting the best discounts for your career and health. Budget shouldn’t get in the way of affording the life you deserve.

Listen now to budget for the disability insurance that protects your career (and preserves it for life).

Show highlights include:

Why disability insurance is more important than income, investments, and retirement plans altogether.  (2:38)

How to preserve your health and lower the risk of injury on the job. (5:25)

How to afford more coverage throughout your career (regardless of any health changes). (7:15)

How to lock in discounted training rates and avoid medical screenings for life. (8:04)

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