Many young physicians wonder if the Cost Of Living Adjustment is an important insurance rider. They want to know how a COLA works and how it's calculated.

By earning interest, a COLA ensures that disability payments keep pace with inflation.

But not all COLAs are the same, and you may not even need one.

Listen now to discover everything you need to know about COLAs!

Show Highlights Include:

How a COLA insulates your disability payments from changes in the economy (1:21)

You aren't required to have a COLA — but without one, inflation will eat away at your benefit payments (1:55)

The major benefit of a compound-growth COLA over a flat 3% option (2:36)

How to get a COLA that compounds at up to 6% interest — and why that's not always the best choice (3:13)

Does the COLA calculation matter? (4:43)

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