It might feel like a waste of money getting coverage if you don’t perform extensive surgeries or exhaust your body every day. But a policy is about much more than preventing injuries….

The perfect policy will take care of your income when you’re sick or injured. Those things happen all the time and you need time to recover (without stressing about your next check). Cover will make sure your income recovers (even after you do).

In this episode, you’ll learn why everyone outside the operating room needs specialty coverage - and how to protect your money and preserve your career from unlikely accidents.

Highlights from this episode include:

Why car accidents and hand injuries are not the biggest threat to your medical career today (even if you work in a high-paced environment). (0:44)

How to collect a streamline of disability benefits and make as much money as you want at home after being injured. (1:59)

Why group disability plans won’t always cover your injuries (even if you’ve got a valid reason).  (3:54)

How to tell if a policy will protect your finances (or leave you ‘high and dry’ in stressful circumstances). (5:38)

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