Most physicians know about term insurance. It’s cheap, and if you die, your family gets paid quite a bit of money. Whole life insurance is another matter entirely. It is more expensive, more complicated, and typically pays a smaller death benefit. So why would you ever purchase it?

In this episode, Billy busts some financially irresponsible myths about whole life insurance, discusses why you should consider it, and how to structure a policy to get the maximum value for your dollar.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • If you don’t purchase whole life from this specific type of company, you’re losing thousands of dollars (1:46)
  • The mind-blowing reason whole life is more expensive than term insurance (3:03)
  • Why the conventional wisdom on life insurance may leave your family in debt when you die (3:40)
  • The one essential question you must ask yourself about life insurance (4:32)
  • How to structure your whole life policy like a billionaire (5:27)
  • The astonishing truth about where banks store their cash (6:26)

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