There are so many different options when it comes to choosing your insurance plan. From future insurability potential to benefits that will increase as your earning does, choosing between the wide array of plans can become overwhelming quickly.

When looking toward your future, it can be even more difficult to decide whether you should bet on your future earning capabilities, or go with a plan that increases as your income does.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the benefits and pitfalls or the future insurability and benefit-increase options to prepare you for choosing an insurance plan that will truly work in your favor as you move forward in your career.

Show Highlights Include

The future insurability option writer that can get you up to $20,000 a month of coverage (1:30) 

The massive downside of exponentially increasing your coverage as your income increases (2:45) 

How to increase your insurability without paying an ongoing fee (3:35) 

The financial formula you and your broker should use to determine your increase eligibility on your insurance (4:00) 

The big stipulation that will automatically remove your benefit-increase writer from your mass mutual policy (4:25) 

Why the future insurability option can massively cap your insurance coverage (even if you don’t want to) (7:15)

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