Combining your disability coverage with life insurance sounds like a smart financial move. You want to cover career gaps after an injury and get the coverage that always protects your loved ones.

But having a sustainable financial future starts with knowing what discounts work for you. Combining policies is a case-by-case situation (and you don’t want to stack your policies on bad advice).

In this episode, you’ll discover the best way to combine your policies for protection that lasts a lifetime (and if it’s right for you).

Highlights from this episode include:

The contract trick for getting more discounts than you ever imagined. (1:50)

How to get extended grace periods and all the exceptions you need in your coverage today. (3:04)

How to avoid the ‘chop shop’ company policies that suffocate your finances and play by the book.  (4:20)

The smartest time to diversify your insurance coverage. (4:54)

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