Healthy, young, non-smoking physicians typically think they can get away without having disability insurance. It makes sense — insurance can seem foolish when you’re healthy. 

But what happens if you get sick? Healthy, young, physicians have a 25% chance of becoming disabled for 3 months or longer — and a 40% chance that a disability lasts 5 years or longer. 

Even a 3-month break in income while your expenses add up can be financially devastating. But a 5-year gap can create financial doom. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the most common types of disabilities and the only way to protect yourself from financial ruin should you become disabled.  

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why healthy, young, non-smoking physicians need disability insurance more than any other type of physician (0:51)
  • The surprisingly simple way to prevent financial ruin if you have a disability that lasts 5 years or longer (1:14)
  • How a disability can bankrupt you (even if you can still perform some parts of your job) (3:02)
  • How even the shortest disability can create financial chaos (4:43) 

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