A question we’re commonly asked is, “What happens to my coverage if I decide to work outside the United States?”

With the top-tier disability insurance companies we broker, benefits would typically be paid if someone is disabled while working overseas. However there’s usually a 12 or 24 month limitation on how long benefits would be paid if you remain overseas. In order to continue receiving benefits beyond 12 or 24 months, you’d be required to move back to the United States to live.

The exception to this coverage while overseas is if the policyholder is not a United States. citizen, in which case the insurance company may exclude paying any benefits at all to the policyholder while not living in the United States. In most of these cases, the policyholder would be able to receive benefits if they moved back to the United States to live. However there can be additional travel exclusions as well.

Please know these are general rules. It’s important to confirm in your policy how international work and travel would be treated. To be sure these details are what you expect and need them to be, please give us a call or text us at (704) 707-5788.

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