If you can’t land the best contract available or get the disability benefits you want, it might feel like it’s not worth paying for. But as strange as it may seem, policies with exclusions are better than no policy at all.

You might have a less-than-perfect offer right now, but find ways to improve your policy in the future. As the famous saying goes: Don’t miss the forest through the trees.

In this episode, you’ll discover what to do when your options in disability coverage are limited - and why getting a plan in place is more important than getting the plan you want.

Highlights from this episode include:

How to weaponize your rocky medical history and find the coverage that best defends your health. (0:40)

What the “as of now” phrase means for the policy you were offered today, and how to get exclusions removed or riders included in the near future. (2:41)

Why self-insuring quickly drains your finances and how to pick a policy worth every penny (even if it’s limited). (5:50)

The ‘bad news, good news, and better news’ about the disability coverage you select (and how to not let faulty assumptions pick the wrong plan). (8:08)

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