You realize that it is essential to purchase disability insurance coverage as soon as possible, even before you’ve finished your training. But what happens when your income starts to increase, and the policy you have would no longer cover your expenses in the event that you couldn’t work. 

In today’s episode, Billy discusses the best way to make sure your policy will grow along with your career, how to maintain the proper coverage definitions, and how to increase your benefits, even if your health has declined.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why the government hates disability income insurance benefits (1:52)
  • This helps you maintain your original discounts, no matter what changes in your life (4:07)
  • How to get increased disability coverage guaranteed, even if your health gets worse (4:36)
  • How to protect your financial well-being when the insurance company won’t let your purchase this coverage (6:16)

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