AMA leads as the big influence in disability policies. But their prices may not be worth what’s between the fine lines. There are a significant amount of gaps in their policies. And at the end of the day, the control should be yours (and not the other way around).

Is AMA here to protect you or collect from you?

Listen now to see if you can trust what AMA policies have to say.

Show highlights include:

How to avoid losing control over your coverage (and collect from many policies). (1:31)

How to keep discounts for life (without someone trying to raise or remove them).(3:42)

How to earn unlimited income with your policy (and keep the benefits you already have). (4:33)

How to collect for over a decade by avoiding this clause. (4:38)

Why AMA’s cheaper prices aren’t worth the policy (and how to think ahead). (8:12)

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