When looking into insurance rates, you might notice that the cost of a disability plan for females is significantly higher. But you don’t want to settle on a plan that doesn’t protect and preserve your career (just to save yourself from paying premium rates).  So what’s the reason for the extra expense? And should you pick a plan based on price? In this episode, you’ll discover how to find the maximum discounts as a female physician in the market and why your premium prices end up paying for themselves down the road.  Highlights from this episode include:
Why disability rates for females are significantly higher and how to find the best discounts in the market (without signing off on a bad plan). (0:40)
How the Disability Council statistics set your prices and why it is essential for female physicians to have a strong plan right now. (2:20)
The real reason you should pay more money for a disability plan right now (and how life insurance helps you cover the costs later on). (3:49)
What paying premium rates mean for buying a house, where your kids go to school, and how to plan for retirement. (5:20)
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