As a physician, there are seemingly endless demands on your time. From training to continuing education to your family… not to mention seeing patients, you feel like you’ll never get it all done. And you know you need disability insurance, but is it worth it to take the time for medical underwriting and add yet another thing to your list?

In this episode, Billy discusses the benefits of medical underwriting compared to a group policy, and how to slash the amount of time medical underwriting takes, so you get the coverage you need.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • Why your guaranteed-issue policy is robbing you of benefits and how to fix it ([2:10])
  • The smart doctor’s secret to streamlining the underwriting process and not wasting time ([2:38])
  • Why group coverage policies cost you far more when you actually have to use them ([3:37])
  • How to dominate the medical underwriting process and get a policy that won’t destroy your savings ([4:42])
  • Why coverage offered to everyone… might not pay anyone ([7:19])

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